A pole tent is secured and supported by driving stakes into the ground; and so, it is not suitable to put a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces. (Unless we are allowed to stake into the hard surface). A frame tent is free standing and can go on grass, asphalt, concrete, or a deck.

pole tent for tent


tent rental fort wayne

20' Wide

20x20 - $240
20x30 - $275
20x40 - $350
20x60 - $480
Each additional 10ft section is $100

30' Wide

30x30 - $400

30x45 - $540
30x50 - $600
30x60 - $720
30x70 - $840
Each additional 20ft section is $240

$3 per mile ($60 min)

Sale Tax will be add to tent price along with 10% damage waiver.

40' Wide

40x40 - $650
40x60 - $960
40x80 - $1280
Each additional 20ft section is $320

*We also have 60' wide tents available.




solid sidewall for tent

Solid side are good to put on your tent if is cold out or if its going to rain.

$0.50 per foot


mesh sidewall for tent

Mesh sides are good to let air flow through and keep most rain out.

$0.75 per foot


window sidewall for tent

Window sides are used for weddings or if you are wanting a elegant look.

$1.00 per foot