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pole tents indiana

A pole tent is secured and supported by driving stakes into the ground; and so, it is not suitable to put a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces. (Unless we are allowed to stake into the hard surface). A frame tent is free standing and can go on grass, asphalt, concrete, or a deck.

pole tents indiana
frame tents indiana

Frame tents give you more options of where you can set up a tent. They are self supporting and don't require stakes like pole tent. A frame tent can be put up just about anywhere you have room for it. It allows us to put them up on decks, cement, or asphalt without having to drive stakes into the ground. We only have to anchor the corners and can do this by attaching them to cement weights.

frame tents indiana




solid sidewall for tent

Solid side are good to put on your tent if is cold out or if its going to rain.

$0.75 per foot
$1.00 Wedding Quality


mesh sidewall for tent

Mesh sides are good to let air flow thru and keep most rain out.

$1.00 per foot


window sidewall for tent

Window sides are used for weddings or if you are wanting a elegant look.

$1.50 per foot

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